All-Star Team Picture

UpdatedSaturday June 12, 2021 byKYBSA Registrar.

The Tournament Trail binders will need a team picture (including coaches) in full uniform.  These pictures will be used on the KYBSA website and other social media platforms as well as other publications as you advance in the tournament so please make sure the picture quality is good.

Layout should be clean, neat and BALANCED.  Faces and numbers MUST be clearly visible.

For Baseball, coaches MUST be in full uniform.

For Softball, using the regular season coaches shirts with a pair of khaki shorts should suffice.

After your photo is taken, email to so that it can be properly formatted for the binder.

Please see below a couple of 2017 All-Star team pictures that demonstrate good balance.

Although the Babe Ruth photo has sun/shade issues and the 10U Softball, the coaches' shirts do not match, their layout is nice and balanced.