Safety Compliance for KYBSA Volunteers

UpdatedThursday May 5, 2022 byKYBSA Registrar.

Managers/Coaches/Team Parents!

Thank you for registering to Volunteer!  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Now let's get you all Safety Compliant.  This is required before you can step on the field.

First, if you have any questions or problems with this process, please contact us at

If you have not done so already, you'll need to complete the following:

  1. Background Check - can be started only after being assigned to a team
  2. Abuse Prevention Training - can be started after registration
  3. Coach Education Training - can be started any time


1.  Background Checks - KYBSA paid

You must be assigned to a team in order to get your Background Check completed.  Contact Tom Scalisi (Baseball) or Chris Turzik (Softball) if you have not been assigned to a team yet.

Sign in to your SSU Play account and select COMPLETE BACKGROUND CHECK.  Follow prompts to completion and finish with "checking out".  Total time 2 minutes

NOTE:  Some divisions may be dual chartered; thus you may need to complete an additional Little League volunteer application and background check.

2.  Abuse Prevention Training - Free

Sign in to your SSU Play account.  Babe Ruth is requiring everyone to retake the Abuse Prevention Training.  If you have NOT completed your Abuse Prevention Training, you'll see the following:

Select VIEW and then complete your APS training.  If you have taken the course before, you can skip to the bottom and select "I have viewed all the videos, Go to quiz".  If you remember from the first time, the questions practically answer themselves.  Total time 5 minutes

If you have not completed APS training before, you are encouraged to watch the videos before taking the quiz.  Total time 90 to 120 minutes.

When complete, forward the email titled "Abuse Prevention Systems Training Certificate for YOUR NAME" to kybsaregistrar@gmail.comThis email contains your certificate of completion.

3.  Coach Education Training - Free

If you have not completed Coach Education Training, please complete the "USA Baseball Coaches "A" Certification" program from USA Baseball.  You DO NOT have to retake the courses if you have completed it before (or if you have completed the Babe Ruth course).  If you are uncertain, visit BRL or USA Baseball to review your certification status OR contact and we'll look it up.

  • Sign up for an account at USA Baseball
  • Be sure to list Kingston Youth Baseball & Softball Association as your Organization
  • Complete the "A" Certification courses:
    • The Confident Baseball Coach - Minimum requirement
    • Abuse Awareness for Adults Course
    • Introduction to Pitch Smart
    • Basic First Aid
    • Agree to the "A" Certification Code of Conduct under YOUR NAME - MY ACCOUNT - CERTIFICATIONS
  • When complete, send "USA Baseball Coaches "A" Certification" cetificate or "The Confident Baseball Coach" certificate to   Or you can just forward the completion email you received from USA BaseballKeep the other certificates for your records.
  • Total time 120 to 180 minutes
  • Optional
    • Although not required, KYBSA encourages you to complete your "B" & "C" certifications for a well rounded education.  See below for addition course offerings.

Thank you again for volunteering.

USA Baseball Course Offerings

  • ADM for Parents - The Structure, Components, and Fundamentals of the American Development Model
  • Abuse Awareness for Adults - Creating a Safe and Abuse Free Environment for Athletes
  • Abuse Awareness for Minors - Identifying a Safe Baseball Environment
  • Baserunning Development - Building a Complete Baserunning Team
  • Baserunning Fundamentals - Developing Fundamentally Sound Baserunners
  • Basic First Aid - Planning for and Responding to Injuries and Emergencies
  • Building a Baseball Experience - Exploring the Role of Coaches and Parents in Baseball
  • Catching Development - Defining and Understanding the Role of the Catcher
  • Catching Stances, Receiving, and Blocking - Developing Fundamentally Sound Catchers
  • Coaching Philosophy and Approach - Identifying and Implementing a Coaching Philosophy
  • Coaching the Basics of Hitting - Developing Fundamentally Sound Hitters
  • Coaching the Basics of Hitting (Spanish) - Developing Fundamentally Sound Hitters
  • Coaching the Fundamentals of Infield - Developing Fundamentally Sound Infielders
  • Coaching the Fundamentals of Outfield - Developing Fundamentally Sound Outfielders
  • Coaching the Pitching Delivery - Developing Fundamentally Sound Pitchers
  • Fun At Bat Instructor - The Structure, Components, and Fundamentals of Fun at Bat
  • Infield Development - Building a Competitive Infield
  • Introduction to Pitch Smart - Understanding Arm Care, Guidelines, and Resources
  • Introduction to Umpiring - Preparing for Competition, Communicating Effectively, and Managing Games
  • Managing Players - Creating a Positive Team Culture
  • Managing a Pitching Staff - Identifying and Implementing a Pitching Philosophy
  • Offensive Development - Building a Complete Offense
  • Outfield Development - Building a Competitive Outfield
  • Pitching Development - Building a Complete Pitching Staff
  • Play Sun Smart - Understanding and Preventing Skin Cancer Through Play Sun Smart
  • The Confident Baseball Coach - Fostering Health, Safety, Fun, and Success
  • The Play Ball Parent - Maximizing Your Child’s Experience in Baseball