Artwork Specifications

UpdatedTuesday March 9, 2021 byKYBSA Registrar.

General Guidelines

  • Graphics / Artwork / Submitted Designs must be in .PDF, .JPG, .EPS (Photoshop) or .AI (Adobe Illustrator) format with High Resolution Artwork (150 dpi or higher) and sized proportionally with the sponsorship package you choose.
  • Submit artwork to
  • Sign Material is 13 oz vinyl with grommets on perimeter for attachment
  • Signs are attached to fence with zip-ties
  • The image you provide will be printed directly, as is, to the banner itself. It will appear exactly as you provide it to KYBSA.
  • Please keep the following considerations in mind: The outfield fence on most fields is ~200’ from home plate. Text smaller than ~6-8” will be difficult to read from that distance. Ornamental font styles may also be difficult to read. Please minimize the amount of text on your banner so that it can be as large as possible to maximize legibility.  A single logo filling the entire space is visually recognizable.