Represent KYBSA in an Upcoming MLB Broadcast

UpdatedTuesday July 28, 2020 byKYBSA Registrar.

Calling all Kingston Youth Baseball and Softball families!

Represent our league in the first-ever Chevrolet Virtual First Pitch for a chance to be featured in a national video shown during an upcoming MLB® broadcast! The deadline to submit a video is Friday, July 31!

Record a video of your player throwing out a ceremonial first pitch from home or the local ball field and upload HERE to the submission site by Friday, July 31st.

Be creative, have fun, and do it safely. Here are some best practices for creating an awesome video:

  1. Tell us your first name, city and state.  Tell us also what you love about baseball/softball or root on your favorite team.
  2. Be sure we can clearly see you throwing the ball (e.g., have someone film you from the front, side, or behind you).
  3. Refrain from wearing any clothing with logos.  Feel free to wear last season's uniform if it still fits.
  4. Shoot horizontally
  5. Avoid shooting into the sun
  6. Make sure to not record on a windy day as we want to be able to hear you!
  7. Video should be no longer than 15 seconds
  8. Click the link below to submit your video. Have fun, be safe!

Here are some sample videos: