Abuse Awareness Training

UpdatedTuesday March 10, 2020 byKYBSA.

The Safe Sport Act requires all managers, coaches, board members, as well as any other persons/volunteers, who provide regular service to the league, and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams, complete Awareness and Prevention Training.

It truley takes a village where the parents, coaches, and other volunteers to genuinely embrace the "aware" atmosphere, and for the players to feel powerful enough to speak up when they see something that isn't right.

This is done in an effort to create a safe and transparent envrionment where kids can have a positive and rewarding experience playing baseball or softball.

KYBSA recommends the following course from USA Baseball's Online Education Course Catalog:

  • Abuse Awareness for Adults (free)
    • Creating a Safe and Abuse Free Environment for Athletes
  • Abuse Awareness for Minors (free)
    • Identifying a Safe Baseball Environment

The adult course is included in the USA Baseball "A" Certification which KYBSA recommends for everyone to complete.

Abuse Awareness Course (free)

  1. Visit USA Baseball and select SIGN IN
  2. If not already member, select CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT
  3. Enter in all *required information.  For Organization, type "Kingston".  "Kingston Youth Baseball & Softball Association" will pop up.  Be sure to select the pop-up.  Just typing out the full name will NOT be recorded properly.
  4. Select SAVE

  1. Select VIEW COURSES at the bottom of the page.
  2. Scroll down a little and select ABUSE AWARENESS FOR ADULTS or ABUSE AWARENESS FOR MINORS if registering for a minor.
  4. Select CHOOSE ANOTHER ADDRESS.  Even though this is an online course, the system wants an address filled in.
  5. Select SUBMIT ORDER
  6. The link to your course will be on top of the Order Confirmation page.  Clicking on it will open a new tab to begin your course.

The course can take less than an hour depending on your familiarity with the topics.  You may stop at any time and come back where you left off.

You can ALWAYS find your courses in the "My Profile" tab in the top menu.  To return to the course, select GO TO COURSE.

Once you have completed the course, submit your certificate to KYBSAregistrar@gmail.com.

Abuse Awareness for AdultsAbuse Awareness for Minors