Coaching Education

UpdatedTuesday August 25, 2020 byKYBSA.

All Managers & Coaches are REQUIRED to complete a coaching education certification course.  The USA Baseball "A" Certification course satisfies this requirement.  NOTE:  The course is generic enough to support softball coaches as well.  Visit USA Baseball "A" Certification for course requirements, topics covered and benefits.  This is a FREE course.

It is encouraged for all parents to also complete this course as it provides a general understanding to the core principles of positive atmosphere, player development and recognizing and responding to health and safety issues.  The Play Ball Parent course is another nice resource.

Additionally, it is recommended to continue the coaching education courses to receive the "B" and "C" certifications.  Each certification level delves deeper into all aspects of the game.  For more information, visit:  USA Baseball Coach Certification.

"A" Certification from USA Baseball including Abuse Awareness Training

  1. Visit USA Baseball and select SIGN IN
  2. If not already member, select CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT
  3. Enter in all *required information.  For Organization, type "Kingston".  "Kingston Youth Baseball & Softball Association" will pop up.  Be sure to select the pop-up.  Just typing out the full name will NOT be recorded properly.
  4. Select SAVE

  1. Select GET STARTED at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select UPDATE CART and then PROCEED TO CHECKOUT (course is FREE)
  4. Select CHOOSE ANOTHER ADDRESS.  Even though this is an online course, the system wants an address filled in.
  5. Select SUBMIT ORDER
  6. The link to your course will be on top of the Order Confirmation page.  Clicking on it will open a new tab to begin your course.

The course can take 1-2 hrs depending on your familiarity with the topics.  You may stop at any time and come back where you left off.

You can ALWAYS find your courses in the "My Profile" tab in the top menu.  To return to the course, select GO TO COURSE.

Your are required to complete ALL 4 courses as well as SIGN the Code of Conduct.

Once you have completed the course, SAVE your Certificates as a PDF and submit it to  You will need to submit the follwing certificates:

  •     Abuse Awareness for Adults
  •     The Confident Baseball Coach

(USA Baseball already generates a PDF file.  All you have to do is save it to your device.)

You can access your certificates by going to MY PROFILE and select GO TO COURSE for the certificate you wish to retrieve.

If the Board selects you for a team, you will be contacted to complete your background check.

KYBSA engcourages you to continue your "coaching" education by achieving "B" and "C" certifications.