Register to Coach

UpdatedSunday February 7, 2021 byKYBSA.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Coach.

We appreciate your commitment and will do everything we can to support you.  A collection of resources is available in the Coach's Corner in the left menu.

Please review the following Roles:

  • Manager (Head Coach) - The manager of a team is responsible for team operations.  They are the primary contact between the league and the team.  They plan and facilitate practices with the help of their coaches.  See Coach's Corner for additional information and resources.  Required Certifications:  Coaches Training, Abuse Awareness Training, Background Check.
  • Coach - Coaches help the manager coach the team and perform any other duties assigned by the manager. A manager may have as many coaches as they can recruit on the team.  However, only 1 manager and 3 coaches are allowed on the roster or in the dugout during games.  See Coach's Corner for additional information and resources.  Required Certifications:  Coaches Training, Abuse Awareness Training, Background Check.
  • Team Parent - You have a very important role - to help the team run smoothly. You assist the manager in collaboration with the coaches.  Roles may include communications specialist, hydration supervisor, sustenance provider, and all around jack of all trades.  If you are interested in filling this role, please register yourself through the online registration system and select Team Parent.  Required Certifications:  Abuse Awareness Training, Background Check.  Recommended:  Coaches Training

***It is important to note that signing up for a role does NOT guarentee a position.  ONLY AFTER registration has ended will the Board confirm the "Manager/Coach" selections.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you in advance for your interest in Managing or Coaching.

Director of Softball – Chris Turzik

Director of Baseball – Ean McDermott

  • Tball (5U) Coordinator – OPEN
  • Rookies (6-8) Coordinator – Will Kozack
  • Minors (9-10) Coordinator – Ryan Diebert
  • Majors (11-12) Coordinator – OPEN
  • Babe Ruth (13-16) Coordinator – OPEN


Registration is a 3-step process:

  1. Register ONLINE at KYBSA (free)
  2. Complete Coaching Education Course
    • "A" Certification from USA Baseball (free); Includes REQUIRED Abuse Awareness Training - both certifications are valid for life
  3. Complete Background Check - must be completed every 2 years
    • AFTER Board approval, submit to and PASS a background check (KYBSA paid)


Step 1 - Register ONLINE at KYBSA
Signing up to "coach" is almost identical to signing your child up to play except you choose the "Apply to Coach/Volunteer" option on the home screen.   In fact, you can sign up the same time as you sign your child up.  Below are step-by-step instructions.

  1. Visit KYBSA and sign in to your SSU Play account (Green box login top right of this screen).
  2. Select "Apply to Coach/Volunteer"
  3. Choose Registrant (or add New Adult if you don't see yourself) and select "Register now"
  4. Follow prompts, enter information and select "Continue Registration"
  5. Choose Role and Subdivision, then select "Register"
  6. Add comment if desired, then select "Continue"
  7. If volunteering in multiple roles/subdivisions, select "Register additional players/volunteers" and repeat the above process.  Otherwise, select "Continue to Checkout"
  8. Select "Complete Order" to finalize registration.  Cost will be $0.

Step 2 - Complete Coaching Education Course (free)
Complete "A" Certification from USA Baseball which includes Abuse Awareness Training

Step 3 - Complete Background Check (KYBSA paid)
AFTER Board approval, submit to a background check.  KYBSA WILL CONTACT YOU TO COMPLETE THIS STEP.